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Can I Wash My Select Comfort / Sleep Number Mattress Cover?

New postby Sharron » 28 Oct 2012, 02:34

"You cannot wash the cover. It is likely to fall apart."

Well, that seems to be the consistent response that I received from the sales folks in 3 stores, and calling customer service twice. Well guess what. THEY'RE LYING !

I've had my King model 5000, dual chamber for 4+ years now and am VERY happy with it.

Last week one of my pooches urinated on it, and my wife went into a tizzy. I immediately inquired and was told by everyone at SC that it CANNOT be washed and must be replaced.

CS was so nice on the phone. "We're going to pick up the first 64% of the replacement cost." were the first words she uttered. I was tickled pink. But the next words were ".and you'll pay only $276". I almost fainted.

Well, my wife and I decided to implement "Plan A".

Went to the local laundromat where they have LARGE capacity washers. We put the top cover (soiled section) into the largest machine on delicate.

We washed it TWICE, and then put it in the dryer for almost an hour.

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New postby Nerissa » 28 Oct 2012, 02:34

Just be careful the next time you dry it because it can melt.... i have melted mine in a few spots but it still fits and i don't plan on getting a new one until i get a new bed. I have washed mine at least 4 times in the last year, once when i first got it because my husband and i got it from his parents, and 3 other times because our cat likes to knock things over.
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Buying a new Mattress: Does anyone have a Select...

New postby Abbey » 28 Oct 2012, 02:34

Buying a new Mattress: Does anyone have a Select Comfort/Sleep Number Bed? See additional details please.?

My husband has been complaining of his back bothering him in the morning. I think our mattress is fine. We went to look at matresses over the holiday break. I like a firm bed and he likes a little softer bed.seems to contour to his back better. We narrowed our search after we tried a top of the line conventional Simmons bed and the Sleep Number bed. We both were happy at different number settings. (40 and 60) I looked online at opinion websites and am here nor there about this bed. Does anyone have positive or negative comments about the bed/matress set up from experience? .any troubles with the compressor or bed materials? We are considering the .5000 and 7000 series beds/ the two below the top bed model. Any serious comments will be appreciated and considered for the top answer picked by me the asker.thank you in advance for your reply!
Hi gy650.

I just wanted to get more ideas from anyone here on Answers with a serious thought or expereince with the sleep number system.We are set on it for many reasons.but I'm thinking of future problems maybe experienced by others here that can be candid with ME! I will look at your suggested site.Thanks.
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New postby Karri » 28 Oct 2012, 02:34

We bought the Sleep # Bed, the one that Lindsay Wagner does the commercials for, and have the 5000 which is their #1 seller, but I am not impressed ...the side of it have lost their shape, we've had it less than 1yr!!! everytime my husband gets in bed my side goes over the boxspring, and I am constantly pushing it back... I regret not going to test out the NASA material bed... the Tempurpedic one... Lots of luck...we are in the same boat...bed...
P.s--i like it at 65 he likes it at 90!!
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Is the "sleep number bed" from Select Comfort a...

New postby Truman » 28 Oct 2012, 02:35

Is the "sleep number bed" from Select Comfort a great mattress? Is the "sleep number bed" from Select Comfort a great mattress?
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New postby Perla » 28 Oct 2012, 02:35

Well my rents got that and they said it felt like a blow up bed ! so thats your oppion .......well they didt think that at the store when they bought it but when they got it home it was awful
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