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Does Anyone Know How To Fix A Warped Wood Floor From Some...

New postby Glenna » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Does anyone know how to fix a warped wood floor from some water damage?

I encountered some water damage in my apartment and now one section of my flooring is warped and raised does anyone know how to reverse the damage literally speaking without having to do the whole section over, by the way my apartment is ground level if that helps,thanks 10 points to best answer!
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New postby Loma » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

The floor boards need to be dried out. Run a fan on it 24/7 until it is thoroughly dry. If you have a dehumidifier, running that in the room will remove moisture from the air, which in turn will evaporate from the wood. This may take care of the problem. Once the wood is stable, you may have to sand and refinish it. If the boards remain very warped, you may have no choice but to remove and replace that section. Good luck
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My wood floors have water damage but there was no leak....

New postby Fanny » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

My wood floors have water damage but there was no leak. how did this happen?

Got new wood floors about a year ago but now they have ridges popping up and are getting darker. this only happened in the kitchen, but there were no leaks or anything. what could it be? and how do i prevent it in the future? they used sealer on the concrete before installation so i dont think its moisture coming through the slab.
no, i dont think mold causes water damage. mold is a result of moisture, but there is no mold on my floors
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New postby Shana » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Well there are a few things that it could be.
just cuz they used a sealer does not mean anything.
if the floor was put in correct and lets say it was.
there could be a water leak in the pips in the floor.
now there are 2 ways to find out if its leaking.
first find you water meter outside.
AT NIGHT before you go to bed take the reading off it.
lets say it says 75683.2 if the leak is small and im sure it would be the 2 is the number you need to watch very closely.
go to bed do not use any water what so ever.
in the morn check it if it moved to 3 or 4 then that means you have a leak somewhere.
the problem is with this if you WC (toilet) has a small leak or a faucet is drippin then it will cause it to move also.
to fix this problem if you know 1 is leaking lets say the WC shut the valve off under the WC same with the sink and so on.
2nd way is to call someone out that checks for leaks.
I have and use several different ways to find out thses problems. some will listen for a leak some will use other ways.
Now it could be the drain line if the pipe is broke or leaking underground it can cause this.
((you could use dye but this takes a long time to soak into the wood to show up. and if its taken a long time for the water to come up this would not help. But if you call someone they could find this out also.
Now for the BAD NEWS>
you cant let this go on it will ruin the rest of the floor in time. You might have to call a floor guy out to remove only that section of floor to find out the problem and go from there.
If you have any other info you think of that you didnt list here e-mail me and I will help you out.
I have been in the field 20yrs and have done several of these they all have there own little twist so if you need help drop me a line
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How protect my "wood" floor from water damage?

New postby Dominga » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

We have an artificial wood flooring in our kitchen. Over the last year, esp. below the refrigerator water dispenser we've greatly damaged our floor from all the drips of water from doing the dishes, cooking, etc.

We were amazed when we lifted some carpeting under our piano how beautiful and shiny it originally was. Now we're sad because we obviously don't know how to take care of this flooring.

I'm not sure what type of floor it is. We dropped a hammer on it and gouged it and it appears that it has a thin top surface and the main body of the floor is some type of cheaper wood or other wood-like material; it's a cheap house.

What is the best way to:
1) Repair the water damage. Can a laminate floor (or whatever) it is be stripped? I believe we CAN NOT sand it because the top layer is so thin. Would I just go to Home Depot or Lowe's and ask for stripping products?

2) How can I protect our floor going forward? Consumer wax products seem to last a couple of weeks then go dull. not a permanent solution. Can I go to a hardware store and buy a polyurethane-type varnish and paint it on as a longer-term solution?
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New postby Tiesha » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Un fortunately no theres nothing to do but replace the effected area.. You can t put any top coat on it of any kind. This may be partly why it look s bad other than the piano area. Your not to put any kind of polyurethane on it either, it won t stick.
Yes there only is a thin layer on the lamiate, this is the "picture" of the product and no you can t sand and re do it at all..There are some very good laminates out there that will take decent useages , but there are others that are cheap. The core of the laminate is a key to the board, it s a MDF or HDF , medium and High density fiber board, not partical board. This whats makes it a good or better laminate.
I d clean any "waxes" or coating you have on there now and use recommended cleaners on it from now on. No mopping ( you know what water can do to it) .. All that is recommended for your floor is a mist or spray on cleaner and a dust mop.. Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL
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Help! Water damage on a laminate wood floor?

New postby Clint » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

My basement flooded and the laminate wood flooring in the room has swolen at all the seams. Is there any way to repair this?
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New postby Morton » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Unlike wood, laminate floors can't be refinished if you have severe water damage like you describe. Unfortunately, the particles in your flooring have been damaged and you will have to replace your laminate wood flooring.
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I am going back to the original wood floor. There is a...

New postby Jeanice » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

I am going back to the original wood floor. There is a spot near a window with water damage.?

Where some of the wood seems to be warped, will sanding and refinishing help in making the spot look better?
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New postby Leota » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Presuming the damage is old and the source of water infiltration repaired... Sanding & refinishing will make the spot look better, but not necessarily perfect. Depending on the severity of the warping you mentioned, and how deep any stains go, the improvement should be 50% to 95%. WIthout actually seeing the situation, no one can accurately guess how visible the damage will still be. If the damage is really bad and the affected area is relatively small, you can carefully remove some hardwood from inside a closet and use it to replace the damaged area. (Gratefully no one cares if a closet has a peel-and-stick floor.) Good luck.
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What tools do I need to repair a water damaged thin hard...

New postby Stanton » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

What tools do I need to repair a water damaged thin hard wood floor?

Water damage near shower
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New postby Betty » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

You will have to replace it. Water damaged wood will be almost all the way into the wood meaning you won't be able to sand it out. Even if the wood is still hard the discolor will not be able to be removed. You can sand the finish off and refinish to improve the look but you will still have water marks.
If the wood is still hard and you are just wanting the wood to look better then you could sand and refinish and it will look somewhat better. By the time you do all of this you could just as easly replaced the wood. If you do peplace the wood and since you said it is next to a shower, Don't place a rug over the wood. THe wet rug is what is causing the wood to get damaged. If wood has a good finish on it and if it gets wet it will be fine as long as it can get some air. The rug will hold in water.
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I have minor water damage to my pergo wood flooring. Is it..

New postby Patrina » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

I have minor water damage to my pergo wood flooring. Is it ok to sand & refinish or wil i have to replace all?

The damaged area is pretty small. but my entire kitchen is the same flooring. There is cupping in the damaged areas and a water trail is present where the water ran.
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New postby Lasonya » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

You cannot sand and refinish Pergo because it is not real wood. The surface is a picture of real wood that is laminated onto a synthetic base. If you try to sand it you will wear off the picture. No good. The only option is to replace it, and this has to be done by tearing up the floor in the reverse order it was installed. The danger in leaving it this way is mold could develop underneath. Pergo is high risk to use whenever there is any possiblity of water getting on it. Personally, I would NOT use Pergo or any other laminate flooring for this very reason, and certainly NEVER in a bathroom or kitchen. To use it in these areas is an invitation for disaster, because if you ever spill water then it's all over.
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Water damage under our laminate wood flooring. Any ideas...

New postby Kelley » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Water damage under our laminate wood flooring. Any ideas for repair other than removing?
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New postby Nicolle » 25 Oct 2012, 21:36

Nope you need to remove it so that area can be dried out...
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