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New postby Lincoln » 28 Oct 2012, 21:27

Which ecommerce/shopping cart provider is most user-friendly, reliable & affordable?

I am starting an online gourmet food/gift business & will need dropship automation plus web hosting too. Is it best go with a package deal (like Volusion) or do you end up paying more doing that? I'm also interested in website design services that are reasonably priced. I would appreciate any unbiased help!
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New postby Carmelina » 28 Oct 2012, 21:27

Go-Daddy has everything we need and use. It's easy and affordable. It's also simple to use. But there are others, and they are all about the same. Prices can vary somewhat, you'll need to check a few sites out to meet your individual needs.
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Looking for a good ecommerce hosting provider.?

New postby Delmy » 28 Oct 2012, 21:27

I am looking to create a web-site to sell a few products. I looked at a few like Yahoo and Volusion, but I am wondering if there is any other good ones. Volusion is suppose to be real good, but they charge an $99 set-up fee.
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New postby Stephany » 28 Oct 2012, 21:27

I would use

About $8 / month for LAMP hosting, including a shared SSL certificate (they can also sell you a fixed IP address and security certificate of your own for a little extra).

Dreamhost includes an autoinstaller for zencart but I would download and install oscommerce which is free.

You may find in the oscommerce community forums a better provider than Dreamhost, but I have been using them for nearly 8 years and couldn't be happier with them.
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