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What Are The Top 5 Or So POS Software Programs For A Small...

New postby Johnette » 28 Oct 2012, 14:57

What are the top 5 or so POS software programs for a small business (8 registers)?

I have a 5 year old Point Of Sale system. Looking to upgrade to new POS that can do inventory and touch screen POS. Also, if there are any that can link up to a website to provide real time inventory that would be cool as well. Let me know your thoughts on the best products out there, thanks!
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New postby Hyun » 28 Oct 2012, 14:57

I used to work in this. The first one I used to work with was RMS (based in NJ) problem with them is they were expensive and had a lot of problems seeting it up plus not that freindly with credit cards.

This one looks ok give it a closer look. ... topic_id=1

The second was another restraunt style pos I have heard of but never really explored it.
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What is the best POS/Gift Certificate software that small...

New postby Wilbur » 28 Oct 2012, 14:57

What is the best POS/Gift Certificate software that small businesses can use without spending $600?

If it came with ways to make and set up appointments for clients that would be beneficial, too.

I'd like the gift certificate software to be such that it doesn't have to pass through a clearing house and can just be maintained in my small salon by me.
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New postby Debby » 28 Oct 2012, 14:57

This company gives FREE POS software, but You would have to ask them about the gift certificates. I know they give you gift cards like the kind you but from target, Mervins, olive Garden ect.
Just call them or fill out the form and they will call you.
Good luck!
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